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Zipcar rival targets UCF students

Only 4 months after launching Zipcar at UCF there is already a new alternative  being presented to students. But this time the students will be calling the shots.

BidWilly is an Orlando-based technology company that allows for people to name the price for the services or tasks they need done. Other people in the area can bid to perform the task ¬†and in many cases the prices are driven lower than the named price. It’s being called competitive bidding.

In this competitive marketplace bidders get to see the price that others bid, helping to drive competition. This means if you offered to provide transportation service for $15 someone can immediately come back and under bid you right in front of your eyes. Sometimes by as much as 90%.

As for trust, BidWilly is fully integrated with Facebook. You can see ratings, reviews and more on the person offering to give you a ride – and vice versa.

Using BidWilly for finding rides is expected to be a very popular service amongst college students. By March the company will be releasing its mobile app dedicated strictly to this effort. We’ve been told its called FaceTaxi.

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